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Our Research Accelerator membership is a time-efficient and cost-effective way for you to access the training you need!  Whether you’re brand new to data analysis and keen to learn the basics, or you’re a more experienced researcher who is looking for ideas to improve the quality and efficiency of your research – Research Accelerator has something to offer you!

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What You'll Receive

  • Training Library

    60+ hours of video training courses covering NVivo, SPSS, qualitative data analysis, statistical analysis, writing and research productivity

  • Community Sessions

    Regular Shut Up & Write and Bring Your Own Project sessions – connect with other researchers and make some serious progress on your research

  • Monthly Live Q&A

    Live Q&A sessions – a perfect opportunity to ask any questions. Can't make the session live? Submit your question beforehand and watch the recording later

  • Downloadable Files

    Downloadable exercise files so you can practice your learning and follow along with the videos + PDFs of training manuals, slides and reading lists

  • Virtual Event Pass

    Sign-up for a yearly membership and receive an all-access pass to our annual virtual event, held in December each year

  • New Content

    We'll be adding new content to the site monthly, driven by members – tell us what you need help with and we'll do our best to add it!

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Our on-demand video library covers everything from NVivo to SPSS, qualitative to quantitative data analysis methods, writing up your results and more! Depending on the course, you'll also receive downloadable PDFs, exercise files, quizzes and reading lists.

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  • You need to learn skills fast, and don't have time to scroll through endless YouTube videos. With Research Accelerator you can customise your own professional development programme to get exactly what you need. You can even ask questions when you're stuck – all at a time convenient to you and at a price tag you can afford.

  • We're experts at what we do – we've been teaching research and data analysis for over 20 years. Our students love our down to earth approach, and the numerous practical tips we share in our sessions. Our aim is to leave you feeling inspired, motivated and well-equipped with the skills you need to move your research forward.

  • Everyone learns differently. Research Accelerator provides you with a range of different learning formats that you can work through at your own time and pace. If you learn best by connecting with others, you can attend our live sessions. If you prefer to learn solo, that's okay too – no pressure!

What researchers say about our content...

The Live Q&A sessions were the perfect blend of providing clear answers and suggestions on what to watch next, either as a refresher or advancement. Having focused Q&A time let you cement the learning and apply it to your own project, adding the social element to learning online. With the impressive range of content, it was clear that Lyn knew the courses inside out and let her knowledge of both the content and how to apply it to different research contexts shine through. I always left the Q&A sessions energised, focused, and ready to take on the next task.

Yvonne Wood, SFHEA, Auckland University of Technology

The format of the videos was good – they were presented in small chunks with titles which made the watching easier. For example, there was a session on statistical testing and if I only wanted to watch material related to correlation, I could quickly jump into that part (the ability to control the speed was also a really good thing). I found Lyn's talk very easy to follow and with the right tone and pace, very easy to listen to. I had attended few of her trainings beforehand which were also covered as part of Research Accelerator and I still watched them. This of course means I really liked the way Lyn facilitated the sessions and it was really good to refresh my knowledge. I would recommend Research Accelerator for anyone – experienced or not experienced.

Albert Kuruvila, Lecturer, University of Waikato

Great coverage of material, well packaged and structured pieces of training, very well presented. The presenter was across all types of research and an experienced researcher who talked effortlessly to many points. The style [of the videos] was comfortable – a clear speaker with an easy tone. There were very few ums, ahs and mis-cues, which greatly added to the ease of listening. I thought it reflected the experience of the presenter and her desire to provide a well finished product – which it was.

Lily Engelbrecht, PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington

The course material provided NVivo users with informative training with practical application of the material, and the video and live sessions included helpful tips to both new and experienced NVivo users. The “Shut-up and Write” sessions forced me to carve time out in my schedule to catch up on my writing.

Denise Fyffe, Senior Research Scientist, Kessler Foundation (United States)

This was a great opportunity. It has been the ability to go back over the information (especially in those areas that were especially relevant, or where I found it tricky) that has been exceptionally useful to me. As I am more at the start of my PhD journey, I am feeling so much more confident about the use of NVivo as well as a better understanding of some of the qual and quant approaches.

Joanne van Wyk, PhD Candidate, Massey University

Research Accelerator provides an excellent introduction to NVivo for novices and is a great opportunity for others to refresh and upgrade their NVivo skill set. The videos were great and I am glad they were split into smaller chunks. Lyn is very organized and extremely knowledgeable about NVivo. She has a knack for simplifying complex features into simple bites with handy manuals for reference.

Sashi Athota, PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington

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