Course Description

NVivo can be a powerful analysis tool for mixed methods research. This course will build on some of our introductory NVivo sessions, and more specifically discuss the functionality of NVivo in relation to mixed methods projects. Importing surveys and demographic data will be covered, along with the query tools that are helpful for mixed methods (crosstab and matrix coding queries). Working with SPSS and NVivo will also be discussed.

This session is for researchers who are experienced with NVivo.

A Note About Versions

The videos are presented with the latest version of NVivo for Windows. If you are still using NVivo 12 or are on a Mac, alternative instructions are provided and there are training notes for both versions (Windows and Mac).

Course Outline

Approximate Length: 1 hour

  • 1

    NVivo for Mixed Methods

    • Introduction

    • Cases and Classifications (Recap)

    • Survey Data

    • Crosstab Queries

    • NVivo and SPSS

    • NVivo for Mixed Methods Downloads