Course Description

NVivo Quick Start 1: Creating a Project and Importing Data

In the first of our NVivo Quick Start sessions we’ll show you how to create an NVivo project and import your data. We’ll also discuss the usefulness of folders and memos, and show you how to create them.

There are no prerequisites other than an interest in qualitative data analysis software.

NVivo Quick Start 2: Introducing Coding

Once you’ve set-up your NVivo project, you’ll need to start coding your data. This session will introduce the various techniques for coding in NVivo, including how to work with your codes and view coding context. We’ll also provide a few tips for the coding process.

This session is for those new to NVivo – please watch NVivo Quick Start 1 beforehand.

NVivo Quick Start 3: Exploring with Text Queries

This session covers two popular queries in NVivo – text search and word frequency queries. These queries will allow you to look for specific instances of words or phrases, or identify the most frequently occurring words across your data. We’ll also cover the visualization tools that are associated with these two queries.

This session is for those new to NVivo – please watch NVivo Quick Start 1 and 2 beforehand.

A Note About Versions

The videos are presented with the latest version of NVivo for Windows. If you are still using NVivo 12 or are on a Mac, alternative instructions are provided and there are training notes for both versions (Windows and Mac).

Course Outline

Approximate Length: 4.5 hours

  • 1

    Welcome to NVivo Quick Start

    • About this Training: Read Me First

  • 2

    NVivo Quick Start 1

    • Getting Started

    • NVivo for Windows Interface (R1)

    • NVivo 12 for Windows Interface

    • NVivo for Mac Interface (R1)

    • NVivo 12 for Mac Interface

    • Creating a Project

    • Importing Word Documents

    • Importing PDFs

    • Importing Surveys

    • Creating Folders

    • Creating Memos

    • Optional Video: Importing Webpages and Social Media Data

    • Optional Video: Importing Audio

    • Optional Video: Importing Video

    • Optional Video: Importing Images

    • Downloads for NVivo Quick Start 1

  • 3

    NVivo Quick Start 2

    • Introducing Coding

    • Creating Codes and Coding

    • Working with Codes and Coding

    • Coding Tips

    • Annotations

    • Autocoding (Windows Only)

    • Downloads for NVivo Quick Start 2

  • 4

    NVivo Quick Start 3

    • Word Frequency Queries

    • Text Search Queries

    • Text Search Queries Extended

    • Downloads for NVivo Quick Start 3