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Upcoming Dates

Shut Up & Write: Saturday July 24th, 10am–1pm NZST

Office Hour: Tuesday July 27th, 2–3pm NZST

Shut Up & Write: Saturday July 31st, 1–4pm NZST

Bring Your Own Project: Tuesday August 10th, 9am–12noon NZST

Shut Up & Write: Thursday August 19th, 9am–12noon NZST

Live Q&A: Friday August 27th, 10–11am NZST

Shut Up & Write: Thursday September 9th, 7:30am–10:30am NZST

Live Q&A: Thursday September 16th, 1–2pm NZST

Bring Your Own Project: Wednesday September 22nd, 9am–12pm NZST

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Session Descriptions

Our live group Q&A sessions are a great chance to get the answers to your questions, and learn from other people's questions as well. If you can't attend the session live, submit your question beforehand and you can watch the recording later.

Session length: 1 hour

The office hours are perfect if you need to ask a question privately, this might be the case if you’re discussing an aspect of your project that is confidential for example. If your question doesn’t require privacy, we’d encourage you to ask it in the Live Q&A sessions.

Session length: 1 hour
If you’re keen to spend some uninterrupted time writing, join us for a series of Pomodoros (25-minute blocks) where we’ll write together as a group. No chatting allowed apart from the introductions and break times! The session will be hosted by a timekeeper, who will help keep everyone on track.

Session length: 3 hours

Bring your own research (plus coffee and snacks) and we’ll work independently to make some progress on our respective projects. If you’d like some accountability you can share goals at the beginning of the session, and if you need help Lyn will be on hand to assist!

Session length: 3 hours