Course Outline

Approximate Length: 2.5 hours

  • 1

    NVivo for Literature Reviews

    • Introduction

    • Setting-Up a Project

    • Linking

    • Coding

    • Text Queries

    • Classifications

    • Coding Queries

    • Reference Management Software

    • Sets

    • Framework Matrices (Windows Only)

    • Downloads for NVivo Literature Reviews

Course Description

Reviewing the literature is an important part of the research process. Organising relevant papers and findings are more than just data entry or bibliographic tasks, you also need to be able to analyse and integrate this material. This hands-on session will cover NVivo’s functionality with regard to literature reviews. Importing and coding literature, running queries on published material, and working with bibliographic data in conjunction with your NVivo project will all be covered. We'll also provide an example literature review project that you can explore as part of the training.

Pre-requisites: We strongly recommend watching the NVivo Quick Start and Diving Deeper into NVivo courses beforehand.

A Note About Versions

The videos are presented with the latest version of NVivo for Windows. If you are still using NVivo 12 or are on a Mac, alternative instructions are provided and there are training notes for both versions (Windows and Mac).