Step 1: Take a tour of the website

Learn how to access the course library, watch the videos, and navigate around your Research Accelerator membership – change the play speed to match your learning style, keep track of what you've watched and more!

Step 2: Meet your facilitator

If you haven't met Lyn before, watch this short introduction - you'll be seeing and hearing a lot from her throughout the membership videos so it might be useful to learn a little about her background.

Step 3: Put upcoming live sessions into your calendar (paid members only)

The live sessions page is where you can find information about the different live sessions you can attend as part of your membership. These include Live Group Q&A, Bring Your Project sessions and Shut Up & Write groups. Make sure you put the dates for upcoming sessions in your diary so that you don't miss out!

View dates for the live sessions

Step 4: Dive into the content!

Visit your student dashboard to view the courses you have access to, and simply click on the course card to access the content. If you're not a member yet, but would like to see what's on offer – visit our course library.

Get started!